Add: Xincheng Road No.12,
    Xinqian street, Huangyan
    District, Taizhou City,
    Zhejiang Province
Tel: 0576-88185333
Phone: 013058853333
Company introduction
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    My company is located in Huangyan Area, Taizgiy City, Zhejiang Province, specializing in manufactrure of auto blowing moulding machine, plastic water bottles, plastic home products, and middle or high class injection mould, stamping mould, hollow blow mould and bottles, security cap, etc.
   Each mould adopts high-precision CAD/CAE/CAM equipment and design. The products are made by auto equipment , suitable for peoducing all kinds of domestic and foreign products. My company pffers timely delivery and best service to my clients. Welcome old and new clents to visit my company.
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